Discover the High-Speed, Very Secure Hosting with the Simple Yet Powerful Master Dashboardthat Lets You Easilyand Quickly Manage All Your Sites From a Single, Central Location.

So Simple that Anyone Can Do it, So Secure Everyone Can Trust It, So Cost- Effective That Everyone Can Afford it.

How Can Amazon Hosting Make a Such a Big Difference to Your Business?

Amazon's worldwide data centers and web services have become the gold standard for reliable, scalable and inexpensive website hosting and cloud computing. That is why we chose to use only Amazon High-Speed Servers for WPGateway.

As a business owner, you have better things to do than dealing with the technicalities of website hosting. But you also need to to safeguard yourself and your business from the damage and devastation caused by hackers, malware and viruses.

You need to host your sites on a top-quality, high-speed server that automatically looks for security issues, helps you fix them, and continues to regularly scan for and protect your sites from all these hack attempts.

If you are looking for a simple, dependable and very secure hosting you can trust to protect your sites and still deliver high speed and excellent customer service, you need WPGateway.

WPGateway combines

  • The simplicity you want to manage your sites
  • With the security you need to protect your sites
  • The speed you desire to display your sites
  • At the price you can afford to host your sites

The SIMPLICITY You Want to MANAGE Your Sites -- Easy Enough for Beginners, Powerful Enough for Experts

Simple, All-in-One Management Hub -- Lets you quickly and easily manage all your sites from one central dashboard.

Without WPGateway, hosting and managing is a complicated and time-consuming, never-ending process.

With WPGateway, you can manage all of your sites from a single dashboard. Almost everything you need to do to manage your sites can be done with One-Click Simplicity.

You can access all of your sites right from your dashboard. Installs, updates, backups, transfers, and everything else you need to do is so easy to do that anyone can master the process in minutes.

And with all the automatic functions already built in to WPGateway, you can relax and know that your sites are being monitored and backed up regularly so you don't have to keep doing it all manually.

The SECURITY You Need to Automatically PROTECT Your Sites from Hackers, Viruses & Malware and more...

Right now, this very second, thousands of WordPress sites worldwide are being attacked by unscrupulous hackers. Many of these sites will be destroyed. It's no longer a question of "Will I be hacked?" The real question is "When will I be hacked?"

According WordPress Security

  • 41% of hacked WordPress sites were hacked through a security vulnerability on their hosting platform
  • 51% were hacked via a security issue in either the WP Theme (29%) or WP Plugin (22%) they were using
  • 8% were hacked because they had a weak password. WP Gateway Secure Extreme automatically addresses all of those hack attempts ... and many more

The SPEED You Desire to DISPLAY Your Sites

Slow loading sites can cost you business because most people are too impatient to wait for more than a few seconds for your page to load.

When you host your sites through WPGateway, you get two very powerful advantages which give you the benefit of blazing speed.

First, all sites are hosted on Amazon High-Speed Servers. Second, each hosted domain automatically gets its own unique IP address. This powerful combination gives you a huge speed advantage over most sites which are hosted on slower servers and forced to share the same IP address as hundreds or thousands of other domains installed on that shared server.

The PRICE You Can AFFORD to Host Your Sites

Priced within reach of every business, large or small, and even individuals who are just starting out. Everyone can afford this service, and everyone can benefit from this service.

How WPGateway Can Benefit You

  • 1

    Get Started Instantly

  • 2

    No Technical Skills Needed

  • 3

    No Worries About Your Website Hosting

  • 4

    Extra Time To Build & Grow Your Business

  • 5

    Sites Are Secured, And Backed Up Regularly

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