• How long is this offer available at the current price?
    Today's special discounted prices are available for a limited time. Pricing will increase to regular prices after this special promotion period ends. Don't delay -- buy today to take advantage of this special discounted pricing.
  • I already have a domain, can I still use Amazon server?
    Yes, you just update the nameserver to your Amazon server. We have an easy instructions for it. And if you need help with this, just submit a support ticket with the login details where you registered your domain and we can change the nameservers for you.
  • How many domains can I host on the Amazon High-Speed servers?
    The number of domains you can host will depend on which package you choose. The most popular package is Silver because that gives you hosting and management of up to 5 domains. If you manage sites for clients, the Gold package is the ultimate package for you.
  • Can I buy domains directly?
    Yes. If you want to purchase a new domain, it is easy and affordable to do it directly through WPGateway. Just click the Order Domain button. You can search for available domain names and when you find one you want, you can buy it at wholesale pricing. When you purchase your new domain through WPGateway, you also get Domain Registration Privacy included (at no additional charge), PLUS the domain is automatically set up for you on the Amazon High-Speed Server, and is given its own unique IP address (at no additional charge). The nameservers are also automatically configured for you. In other words, when you order a new domain through WPGateway, you get it at a great price, you get valuable extras included at no charge, and the technical aspects of setting up your domain on a server are also done for you. This means that your new domain is automatically set up and ready for you.
  • Is cPanel included?
    Yes, cPanel is automatically included with any hosted domain or subdomain.
  • How do I login to cpanel? (Is there a one click login?)
    Logging in to cPanel for any of your sites extremely simple. The only login that you need to remember is the main login to WPGateway. Once there, every one of your sites has a one-click login link. No matter how complicated your username or password is for any site, you can log in just by clicking the link -- and WPGateway will automatically log you in to your cPanel for that site, using the correct username and password.
  • Can I access my files via FTP?
    Yes. Any site hosted on our Amazon High-Speed Servers automatically gets assigned a unique FTP login. This means that that you do not have to provide cpanel access to someone who is helping you with only your files.
  • Can I clone my website?
    Yes. It is easy to clone your website. Just tell WPGateway which website you want to clone and where you want to clone it, then click the button. With that one-click, the program will copy your entire site, including the database, and will install it for you in the new location. It could not be any easier. This eliminates the much more time-consuming, complicated and technically challenging process that you would typically have to do to clone a website.
  • I already have a website, do your guys help with transfer?
    Yes, just submit a support ticket with login details and we will do the transfer for you.
  • I like my current hosting. Do I have to transfer my domains?
    No, you do not need to transfer your domains to our Amazon High-Speed Servers in order to benefit from your WPGateway membership. Even if you choose to leave your hosting with your current company and simply manage the domains from WPGateway, you still benefit greatly.
  • How often are my sites backed up?
    Every site is automatically backed up once a week. This automatic backup does not need your involvement. You are able to easily trigger an immediate backup any time you want. Just click Backup to trigger an immediate backup. It is a good idea to create a backup before making changes to your site and before installing plugins, just in case there is an issue and you need to restore your site to the way it was before the newest changes.
  • Can I create an instant backup before making any website change?
    Yes. We strongly recommend that you make an instant backup of your site before making changes to your website. Just click Backup to instantly trigger the backup process. Then you can make your changes and know that, if you need to, you will be able to restore your site to where it was before your changes.
  • How long are backups kept?
    The automatic backups are stored for 3 weeks before being overwritten by a newer backup. You can choose to save any backup just by choosing the save option for that specific backup. Any backup marked as save is protected against being overwritten for as long as YOU choose.
  • How does the Restore process work?
    When you want to restore any WordPress site -- you can do it with one click. Just click the Restore link for the specific backup you wish to restore, and sit back and watch the magic happen. You website, including all your content and your database, will be restored to what it was when that backup was created (the date and time are shown next to each backup available) For non-WordPress sites, make sure that you have already defined which folders and databases to be included in the backups. Then restoring the site is as simple as clicking the Restore link next to the backup you want to restore. TIP: Always click the button to make another backup just before you do a restore -- that way you can always restore your site again to the way it was before you did the other restore.
  • I'm not technical. Can I do this?
    WPGateway makes it easy for anyone to host, install and manage their sites and to automatically improve their security. We take the technical part away and replace it with a simple interface. And of course we are always there to help you if you need us.
  • How good is your customer support?
    We have 5-star customer support. Our customers stay with us for years because they know that we are always there for them. We are always improving our products as well as continuing to develop new tools to meet the needs of our customers. If you need help with something, just ask.
  • What are your support hours?
    We have customers around the world, so our support desk is manned 24x7.
  • Do you offer chat support?
    Yes. When you are logged in to your WPGateway members area, click the chat button in the upper right of your Dashboard. If an agent is not available to chat at that time, you will be able to submit your question and an agent will get back to you with the answer.
  • Does it come with FAQ and Tutorials?
    Yes. The Help menu has an FAQ section and a Tutorials section. We continue to add to both of these areas with written answers, downloadable files, and video tutorials. You also have access to our 5-star customer support team.
  • How bad can it be if I AM hacked? Why should I worry?
    Anyone who has been hacked already knows how bad it can be. Everyone else is lucky enough to be able to learn without having to experience the problem for themselves. Hackers can totally destroy your website, contact your clients, infect your clients or visitors with a virus or malware (which can in turn destroy their computer and destroy their business). The bottom line is that if you are hacked, you could lose everything -- your business, your reputation and your clients. The damage can be irreparable.
  • I don't know anything about how to improve my website security. What can I do?
    When you manage your site with WPGateway, you don't need to be a security expert. WPGateway will automatically look for the security issues and let you know what needs to be fixed -- and with one click you can have WPGateway implement the fix.
  • What happens if someone keeps trying to hack my site using different passwords?
    You are able to define how many failed attempts you will allow before the user gets blocked or banned.
  • How can I make sure my plugins and theme are always up-to-date?
    It is easy to make sure your theme and all your plugins are always the most recent version. Each wordpress site lets you select to automatically update your theme and/or automatically update all of your plugins. So with one click, you can automatically keep your wordpress site current with the most recent (and therefore most secure) versions of all your plugins and your theme.
  • What is your refund policy? What is your guarantee?
    We offer a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. If you want a refund within the first 30 days, we will give it to you for the asking. Of course, if there is something about the product or customer service that caused you to ask for a refund, we would like to know that so we can make improvements. But we also realize that sometimes there are personal reasons a refund is needed. Our goal is to have you as a long-term customer. We want to help you succeed, so simply let us know how we can help you -- even if that means that you need to ask for a refund.
  • What is SSL?
    In a nutshell, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security technology that encrypts information before passing it on. This is important for sites that offer online purchase of products or services. It is also required by some software or applications that you may implement on your sites. This site has an SSL certificate, and you can see that for yourself because of two visual clues. These same clues will show on any site that has an SSL certificate: 1. If you look at the address bar for this site, you will see a small image of a locked padlock 2. The address itself starts with https:// (notice the s) instead of the normal http://
  • How hard is it to get SSL installed?
    Getting set up with SSL is super easy with WPGateway. If you have ever installed an SSL certificate yourself or had to pay someone to install an SSL certificate for you, you will love how easy it is to do with WPGateway. To get SSL installed on your domain, all you need to do is to click the Buy SSL button and follow the steps. You will receive a confirmation email with a link to click. Click the link -- and the SSL certificate you purchased with automatically be installed on your site.
  • How do I login to my WordPress sites? (Is there a one-click login?)
    Logging in to admin for any of your WordPress sites extremely simple. The only login that you need to remember is the main login to WPGateway. Once there, every one of your WordPress sites has a one-click login link. No matter how complicated your username or password is for any site, or how complicated it is to access the login url, you can log in just by clicking the link -- and WPGateway will automatically log you in to your WordPress site with the correct username and password.
  • I manage quite a few sites. Can I organize them into different groups?
    Yes. It is easy to organize your sites into groups that you create. This means that you can easily group the sites you manage for specific clients, or sites related to a certain niche, or sites that are personal, or for your own business, or any other system of grouping that you want. Just create the groups you want and then assign your sites to one of your groups. If you want to work with sites that are part of only one of your groups, you can easily display those sites in your dashboard and hide the rest of the sites. When you have a lot of sites, this will make it much easier to find and work with your sites.
  • I like using Captcha on my login pages. Can I do that easily?
    Yes, all you need to do is to select the option Protect Login form with captcha and anyone logging in will now have to solve a captcha first.