• Powerful, Easy-to-Use All-in-One Dashboard
    All your sites on Amazon High-Speed Servers can be easily managed from your WPGateway All-in-One Dashboard. From that single interface you can do everything with push-button simplicity. Zero technical skills needed. Log in to any cpanel, add or remove sites, install or update sites, backup or restore sites, transfer sites or entire cpanels, buy domains, clone sites, or make changes to your account -- all from one central, easy-to -use interface. You can also easily log in to any of your WordPress sites, add or remove users, update your themes or plugins, change your passwords, and much more.
  • No Plugins or Software to Install. Eliminates All Technical Barriers
    Whatever you want to do it is easy. One Click complete website install, One Click Backup, One Click Restore and One Click Update, etc.
  • Hosting That Works Equally Well for WordPress and Non-WordPress Sites
    No matter what type of website you have, the Amazon High-Speed Server offers an excellent hosting platform for you.
  • Hosting Includes a WordPress Optimized Firewall
    WordPress sites are generally very vulnerable. Our High-Speed Amazon Servers include a WordPress Optimized Firewall.
  • One Master Login
    You no longer have to remember all of your different URLs and all your logins for your sites. All you need to do is remember one master login. From there all your logins are as easy as clicking a link. Just browse to the site you want to manage and click its login link to be instantly logged in to that site without having to type in any username or password. One-click login works perfectly for any cPanel or WP admin login.
  • Hosting That Works Equally Well for WordPress and Non-WordPress Sites
    No matter what type of website you have, the Amazon High-Speed Server offers an excellent hosting platform for you. The one-click login works for all of your sites whether the site is hosted on our Amazon High-Speed Servers or whether it is hosted elsewhere and simply managed from your WPGateway dashboard.
  • Full cPanel Access for Any Hosted Domains - Easy to set up Email etc.
    In addition to the powerful, easy-to-use all-in-one interface for managing your sites, you also have full access to cPanel for all of your hosted domains. This makes it easy to create email accounts, forward email, or utilize any of the other tools available in cPanel.
  • 5-Star Customer Support
    WPGateway provides 5-Star Customer Support. In addition, the support staff is trained on important WordPress security issues.
  • Easy One-Click Transfer of Your Website or Entire cPanel to the High-Speed Amazon Server
    One-Click Transfers make it easy to transfer your website to Amazon Hosting server. You can choose to transfer your entire cpanel with all of its settings and contents (even if it contains multiple websites) or you can choose to transfer just a single website. It is totally up to you. If you would like help transferring any or all of your sites, just let us know and our helpful support staff would be glad to transfer your sites at no cost to you.
  • One-Click Domain Ordering - at Wholesale Pricing (includes domain privacy at no charge)
    We make it quick and easy to order any domain from your dashboard -- at wholesale pricing. We also automatically include domain registration privacy at no extra charge.
  • Ordered Domains Automatically Installed on Amazon High-Speed Server
    When you order your domain through WPGateway, we automatically install that domain on a high-speed Amazon server, give it it's own unique IP address and configure the nameservers properly -- so it is instantly set up and ready for you.
  • One-Click SSL Certification Ordering - at no extra cost
    Order an SSL Certificate for any of your sites with one-click. After order, simply click the link in the resulting email, and your SSL Certificate will be automatically installed on that site. No need to jump through hoops or pay extra (and wait days) for someone to install it for you.
  • Instant, One-Click WordPress Installs
    Install WordPress on any of your sites, on Amazon High-Speed Servers and simply managed from within your WPGateway master dashboard. Nothing could be easier. No need to log in to cpanel and jump through hoops to do the install. Just tell it where to install Wordpress and click the button.
  • One-Click Installation of More Than 250 Done-For-You High-Converting Local Niche Websites
    Includes access to more than 250 high-converting professional quality, mobile responsive, content-ready niche websites that can be installed with one click. Create a website for any niche in under 5 minutes! These ready-to-go websites can be easily customized for yourself or your clients. No website design or technical expertise needed.
  • One-Click WordPress Updates
    Update all your WordPress sites to the latest version all at once, or pick & choose individual sites to update.
  • Manage & Update Plugins
    View and maintain the plugins across your sites to make sure your WordPress installations are fast and secure.
  • Automatically Update Theme Version (optional)
    Each WP site offers the option to automatically update its WordPress theme when a newer version of that theme is released. Just set it and forget it -- and your theme will always be maintained at the most current version.
  • Automatically Update All Plugins (optional)
    Each WP site offers the option to automatically update its plugins whenever there is a newer version released. Just set it and forget it -- and your plugins will always be maintained at their most current version.
  • Automatically Get a Unique IP Address for Each Installed Domain - At No Extra Charge
    With WPGateway, you automatically get a unique IP with every cpanel / domain installed on the Amazon server, at no extra charge. This will help ranking in Google.
  • Easily Manage Any Number of Sites No Matter Where They Are Hosted
    If you are also managing sites for clients, keeping track of everything for all of your clients would normally be a major undertaking. But not when you have WPGateway. With WPGateway, you can easily manage all of the sites for all of your clients from one easy-to-use interface.
  • Smart, Automated Status Checker Keeps Verifying Your Sites are Still Live
    If any of your sites go down, you never want to find out from your customers. You want to know immediately so you can get the issue resolved before it hurts your business. Automatic Status Checker tests each of your sites every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day to make sure that each site is still accessible.
  • Automatic Status Failure Notification Alert Message
    If, for any reason, the 15 minute Automatic Status Checker discovers that a site is down, an Automatic Status Failure Notification Alert Message will instantly go out to you via text message and/or an email letting you know that your site is not responding.
  • Automatic Weekly Backups Saved to a Remote Amazon Secure Server
    You never again need to worry about having an outdated backup of your website. WPGateway BACKUP will instantly backup everything on your WordPress site in just one click. Safely backs up your pages, posts, plugins and content automatically every week. And unlike most backup solutions, this system will automatically schedule backups and save those files to a remote Amazon secure server, keeping them safe from hackers.
  • Backups Automatically Saved for 3 Weeks Unless YOU Choose to Keep A Backup Longer
    Each backup is automatically saved for 3 weeks before being overwritten by a newer backup. But if you wish to keep any backup longer (or even indefinitely) all you need to do is to mark the box next to that backup and that backup will NEVER be overwritten until you choose to de-select it.
  • One-Click Manual Backup Whenever You Wish
    In addition to the automatica backups, you can manually trigger a backup any time with just one click.
  • One-Click Restore of Any Backup - Right From Your Dashboard
    If anything should happen to your site and you need to restore it, our One-Click Restore feature lets you restore any of your saved backups instantly ... right from your dashboard. And you always have a recent backup available because of our Automatic Backups feature as well as any One-Click Manual Backups you may have created. With WPGateway, you can relax knowing that no matter what, you will always be able to quickly and securely restore your sites in just minutes, with no loss of data or content whatsoever! And you can easily do it yourself, right from your own dashboard.
  • Powerful One-Click Website Cloning -- Push-Button Easy to Copy a Site from Any Server to Any Server
    With WPGateway, you get One-Click Website Cloning. Select the site you want to clone (on any server you have access to), tell it where you want to clone it (on any server you have access to) and click the button. Almost instantly an exact copy of your website is created in the new location, already configured properly and ready to go.
  • WPGateway Secure Extreme adds 57 Layers To Improve Your Website Security.
    WPGateway Secure Extreme comes with 57 layers of protection to secure your website. For the detailed list, click here
  • Automatically Offers Malware Scanning and Intrusive File Detection
    WPGateway Secure Extreme is constantly on the lookout to protect your sites.
  • Automatic Website Security Settings Done For You
    WPGateway checks your site for known vulnerabilities and will fix the security issues for you with one click.
  • Automatically Updates & Blocks Known Hacker IPs
    The security industry records the IP addresses of all hackers worldwide and regularly updates that information in a database, WPGateway stays up-to-date with the hacker IP database and automatically protects the sites against every known hacker IP.
  • Quickly Add, Modify or Delete Users from Any, Some or All of Your WordPress Sites Simultaneously
    No need to log in to your wordpress admin to manage users. You can easily add, modify or delete users to an individual wordpress site or to multiple wordpress sites at the same time.
  • Maximum Flexibility to Use Normal FTP Access
    Every hosted site is automatically set up with special FTP access and the access info is easily accessible in your WPGateway Dashboard.